Jean-Luc Boisjoli and André Thibault set up LPM, then located on Cunard Street (Laval), in January 1980.

Owing to their determination and courage, they succeeded in combining their great availability and experience in toolmaking, which led to their company’s rapid expansion.

After a few months of hard work, they realised that they needed to hire competent help to keep satisfying their ever-growing clientele.

Years passed and in 1986 the two partners acquired a new facility located on Michelin Street, in Lavals’ industrial park.

Following this major investment, the company continued thriving. The acquisition of more and more sophisticated equipment made it possible to meet increasing demand.

In the spring of 1991, important changes occurred within the company. André decided to leave the business, while Stéphane, Jean-Luc’s son, joined the ranks and started his career with LPM. This marked the start of a new era. Stéphane had undergone specialized design training and introduced his knowledge of the CAO/FAO system. In addition to new technology, he contributed new ideas that allowed the company to offer services better suited to its clients’ needs. As years went by, more efficient computer-assisted machinery was added to the equipment list, and LPM acquired a Sodick a320d electroerosion cutting machine, to the company’s great benefit.

In September 2001, a second electroerosion machine, a Sodick AQ550L, was installed in the LPM facility. Stéphane was thrilled at the idea of providing their faithful clientele with even better service.

He was then at the helm of the operational side of the business and made joint management decisions with Jean-Luc. Always on their toes, they agreed that in order to remain at the leading edge and surpass their competition, they had to keep investing in equipment, be efficient, and maintain low prices.

In April 2005, in the face of an ever-growing business volume, a choice had to be made to satisfy clustomer’ needs more adequately and offer employees a better quality of life: LPM bought 130,000 square feet of land in Boisbriands’ industrial park.

Attentive to the needs of its clientele, LPM maintained its winning strategy and kept acquiring various machines – an investment totalling 1.5 million dollars over the last 10 years.

In September 2007, to employees and management’s delight, LPM finally moved into its new 11,000 square feet facility (a 3.2 million dollar investment) and closed the year with 2 million dollars in total sales. At the beginning of 2009, LPM already enlarges its factory by 4500 square feet.

LPM believes that strong growth should continue over the next few years; indeed, new projects are already in the works, including the acquisition of a large digitally assisted milling machine, an investment of over $ 400,000 over the next 4 years.

Since the very beginning, LPM’s objective has been to guarantee service, quality and satisfaction. With the support of a foreman, and the contribution of conscientious and serious employees, success happens day after day.